I think the biggest challenges we face here in San Francisco are providing and guaranteeing the general well-being of all of San Franciscans.  I am proposing a new plan entitled, "The San Francisco Quality Of Life First Vision Initiative."  I believe Quality of Life is a Human Right, Not a Privilege!   According to U.S. News research in 2018, California was ranked last out of 50 states in the United States as a Quality of Life state. In a state that supposes to so democratic, why are the golden state values are so anti-life?

Family: We must put San Franciscan first. If corporations and tech companies want tax brakes I think we need to create a city-wide Communities Benefit longterm Plan. Our natives' families are the bedrock on what San Francisco is today.

Health: Healthcare is also a human right. And the first order of business should be to educate our people on the importance of eating right, along with exercising and getting the proper rest.

Safety: I worked for years with former Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi and the SFPD to implement community policing.  We push more foot and beat patrol, along with changing the district five

boundaries to eliminate balance response time between Park Station and Northern Station. 

Housing: Affordable housing and ending homelessness starts I believe with an intense focus on the quality of issues.  For example, what we see every day on our streets is a byproduct of a bigger problem created by a capitalist system that's fallen from within. In a city like San Francisco with eighteen billionaires, it's hard for me to believe that our government really understand to fit the homelessness issue will take city representatives to have the will and courage.  Lip service is the order of the day at City Hall, and corporations continue to buy politicians like underwear, which even the best detergent can't clean.

Small Businesses: In the Fillmore are where I reside have witnessed years of neglect by the city government, property owners, and even merchants. Our city officials must create policies and even change the charter if need be to reflect the times we are living in, this is why I supported the Vacancy Tax Prop. C, which just passed during the primary 2020 elections. Now more than ever

with Covid-19 outbreak, small businesses will need resources to survival, and as your supervisor

I intend to make that happen.

Transportation: All muni in San Francisco should be free for seniors, students, and people with disabilities