Daniel Landry for Supervisor  District-5

"Pushing the People's Agenda" 

- Women's Rights

- Racial Justice

- Gun Safety

- Disability Rights

- End Mass Incarceration

- DACA Reinstatement 

- End Economic Inequality

- Support Mental Health

- LGBTQ Equality

- Tax the Rich Billionaires

- Complete Police Reforms

- Housing for All

- Medicare for All

- Free College

- Legalizing Marijuana

- Expand Social Security

- Endorse the Green New Deal

- Support to forgive all student debt

- More reliable public transportation

- Support a moratorium on evictions & mortgage payments due to 



I think the biggest challenges we face here in San Francisco are providing the general well-being of all of San Franciscans.  I'm proposing new plans I believe supports quality of life standards for everybody, because it's a human right and not a privilege. In addition according to n article by U.S. News research in 2018, California was ranked last out of fifty US states in providing a quality of life standard of living.  In the State of California that Governor Newsome called a nation-state we must ask ourselves why are so many people suffering and living in poverty?  

FAMILY:  'Strong Families: The Foundation of a Great City'  I believe family is the cornerstone to a healthy society, and if we want to do away with mental illness, crime, and injustice I think our city government must get serious about strengthening families. We must put the people of San Francisco first. And If corporations and tech companies want tax brakes to do business in our city, I think we need to create a city-wide community benefits longterm plan to help families.  Our families are the bedrock of San Francisco and I want to make San Francisco the People's city again!  I believe all families have a right to livable income to attain and maintain decent shelter, food, clothes, exposure to arts and cultural integrity but also responsibility to seek self-help, self-determination, and shared responsibility for eliminating poverty and economic inequities.

HEALTH:  Healthcare is also a human right. And my first order of business will be to educate our people on the importance of eating right, along with exercising and getting taking care of their bodies. I believe all San Franciscans have a right to quality healthcare but also the responsibility to practice good health-preserving habits such as proper diet, exercise, and emotional well-being. One thing we have all learned from COVID 19 if we don't take care of ourselves and suffer from precondition illnesses were more at risk.  

SAFETY:  I worked for years with former Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi to implement community policing to help better relationships between law enforcement and the community.   We pushed for more SFPD foot beat patrol, along with changing the district five boundaries, to eliminate response time lapse between Park Station and Northern Station. I also worked to get the SF police commission to implement the PERT Report in 2009. Out of the

recommendations, not even half of them have been implemented almost eleven years later. In 2016 I joined the Justice for Mario Woods Coalition which pressured the city to call in the US DOJ that follow up with a complete assessment of SFPD and gave some more 272 recommendations.

HOUSING:   Affordable housing and ending homelessness starts I believe with an intense focus on the quality of issues.  For example, what we see every day on our streets is a byproduct of a bigger problem created by a capitalist system that's fallen from within. In a city like San Francisco with eighteen billionaires, it's hard for me to believe that our government really understand to fit the homelessness issue will take city representatives to have the will and courage.  Lip service is the order of the day at City Hall, and corporations continue to buy politicians like underwear, which even the best detergent can't clean. According to the District 5 Housing Opportunity Report in 2018, the City's approach to improving affordability and stability are deeply interwoven and broadly follows key strategies: 1). Preserving affordable rental housing, 2).  Strengthen protections and provide services for residents,

3). Expand nonprofit capacity, 4). Increase funding for affordable housing, and 5). Increase housing production.

SMALL  BUSINESS:  Where I live in the Fillmore district of D5 I've witnessed years of neglect by our city government, property owners, and even merchants.  Our city officials must create new policies that change our city charter to reflect the times we're now living in.  This is why I supported the Prop. C the Vacancy Tax Prop. C, which passed this year during the primary election in Marc We must relieve the burden of taxes on small businesses, in particular, those businesses that owned and operated by minority groups that historically have been economically disenfranchised. Now more than ever with the Covid-19 outbreak, small businesses will need more resources to survive, and as your supervisor, I intend to make that happen.

TRANSPORTATION:  I believe all muni in San Francisco should be free for seniors, students, and people with disabilities. I support expanding bike lanes and pedestrians public walkable streets in district five specifically on streets like Fell and Oak. I believe we must work together to implement Vision Zero, along with the State of California to prevent fatalities on our streets here in San Francisco.