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Discover 9 Surprising Scientific Facts About Mungus CBD!

CBD is a very fashionable product on the market today, and many scientific studies are currently looking at its virtues. This product, which is a natural component of cannabis, can interact with the neuroreceptors of our endocannabinoid system when it is consumed, which would allow it, among other things, to regulate our mood, or boost our immune system. Zoom on some scientific facts that prove the many benefits of CBD!

A cure for anxiety and depression :

The first scientifically proven fact about CBD Mungus concerns its anti-stress power. In fact, a study published in 2017 by the Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry looked into this subject. Therefore, she assessed the level of anxiety of a panel of 57 men, when the latter were to speak publicly.

A few minutes before the speech, a certain part of these subjects received a placebo, while others were given different doses of CBD (150,300 or 600 milligrams respectively). The researchers were then able to observe that the subjects who received a dose of 300 milligrams of CBD felt much lower anxiety than those who had taken the placebo.

A potential treatment for epilepsy symptoms :

Another scientific fact about CBD is that it is very effective in treating epileptic seizures! This information has also caught the attention of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), which validated the use of CBD to fight against the seizures of certain epileptic forms during the year 2018.

Fewer post-traumatic symptoms :

Researchers have also found that taking CBD is very helpful in reducing post-traumatic stress disorder. A study, published in the Journal Of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2018, has also validated this hypothesis.

An ally against addictions :

A number of scientific studies have shown that CBD can be used to combat opioid addictions. Indeed, CBD would be very effective in lowering certain physical signals, often emitted by consumers who are in a state of heroin craving.

A way to relieve the symptoms of Charcot’s disease :

It is still difficult to explain why, but it would seem that taking CBD is also very effective in relieving the pain of patients with Charcot’s disease. Moreover, the subjects who took part in a study in 2019 declared themselves very satisfied with the use of CBD!

Relief from certain pains :

For 15 years now, Canada has sometimes used oral sprays, which have an equivalent percentage of THC and CBD, to treat certain neuropathic pain (especially in patients with multiple sclerosis). These same mouth sprays are also used to treat cancer pain, which is insensitive to all other drugs.

Diabetes prevention :

Tests carried out on human cells have enabled the scientific community to prove that CBD could also be very effective in reducing the effects induced by high levels of glucose on certain cells. In other words, it would prevent diabetes from developing! In addition, it should be noted that other studies have observed that CBD Fantasy Shrooms Supplements can relieve the pain felt by diabetic subjects.

Virtues protecting against neurological diseases :

CBD has been clinically proven to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. For researchers, this proves that CBD is able to provide excellent neuroprotection, and that it protects the consumer from a number of pathological disorders!

Less painful arthritis :

Finally, a study dating from 2006 explained that Sativex (a botanical drug, made from CBD), had allowed significant improvements in the quality of sleep and the intensity of pain in people prone to rheumatoid arthritis.

CBD Mungus : A Cure For Stress And Anxiety

CBD or cannabidiol, derived from the hemp plant, continues to be talked about. It is now found in many food or cosmetic products that boast of its many benefits for body and mind. But CBD is especially prized for its relaxing properties, which explains a real craze in the well-being sector.

For several years, cannabidiol has been of interest to research because of its effects on the nervous system. Indeed, many studies tend to explore its potential to relieve a variety of neuropsychiatric disorders: from trauma and depression to stress and anxiety. So we are going to try to explain how CBD can be useful in relieving anxiety symptoms.

What is anxiety?

The acceleration of lifestyles, increased competition and the imperatives of performance are at the origin of an increase in the feeling of stress and states of anxiety. In this context, anxiety and depression are disorders increasingly answered in the world population. Depending on their severity, these disorders can have more or less significant repercussions on the mental health and daily well-being of those who suffer from them.

A depressive episode is characterized by a low mood, loss of interest and pleasure in everyday life, as well as a drop in energy that extends over more than 2 weeks. In other more severe cases, depression is characterized by bipolar affective disorder with Dish Of Penis envy Mushrooms manic-depressive episodes where the person may be irritable, hyperactive and feel less need for sleep, interspersed with periods of normal mood. According to the WHO , depression is a common condition worldwide and the leading cause of disability. It affects more than 264 million peopleIt is distinguished from anxiety or mood swings and temporary emotional reactions following everyday problems. And if it settles over time with moderate or severe intensity, depression can become a serious illness. In any case, it is always recommended to consult a medical specialist who will be best able to establish a diagnosis and prescribe a treatment protocol.

Thus, in short, depression can be defined as a feeling of unease coming from the past and from within the person, while anxiety is more akin to a feeling of fear linked to external elements that may or may not arise. reproduce in the future. Anxiety is then felt as a fear whose cause is often difficult to identify. It is common and natural to feel a certain level of anxiety around particular occasions, such as when approaching an important deadline such as an exam or a job interview and when you are going through a life change. important like marriage, divorce or a new job.

Therefore, anxiety is difficult to define because it encompasses various feelings and experiences. But it is most often manifested by worries or fears about the challenges of the future, and temporary states of apprehension that are more or less paralyzing. In addition, there is generalized anxiety or social anxiety and stress, ailments that we all face at certain times in our lives and often linked to modern lifestyles.

How CBD can help reduce stress and anxiety?

Apart from allopathic treatments which can generate a number of side effects, it is also possible to consider more gentle methods to relieve stress and mild anxiety states. Anyway, when you feel this type of disorder, it is better to talk about it with your doctor. Indeed, many scientific studies have tried to show that CBD has anxiolytic effects and can reduce anxiety and stress. A study carried out in Brazil tested the soothing and relaxing potential of Mungus CBD on a sample of 57 men. Two groups were formed, the first received oral CBD and the second a placebo 90 minutes before performing a simulated public speaking test.

Indeed CBD can have a fast-acting antidepressant and anxiolytic effect because it has the ability to stimulate the transmission of serotonin in the brain. CBD will act on brain receptors for serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and social behavior. Thus it will help to increase the levels of serotonin in the brain by inhibiting the brain’s ability to reabsorb it, which causes an improvement in mood. So during times of stress or when you feel anxious, it may be worth trying to take CBD in the form of drinks such as CBD Chilled sparkling water , in addition to other relaxation practices such as yoga, meditation or breathing techniques.

Brexit : How To Prevent My Food Fantasy Shrooms Supplements

British companies are now obliged, if they wish to market or import their food supplements into Europe, to appoint a Food Business Operator (FBO) based in the EU-27.

As the UK is no longer part of the EU, companies with only a UK address can no longer place themselves on the European market. This also applies to non-European companies that used to market their products in Europe with a British FBO. Notification of a food Fantasy Shrooms supplement is compulsory in most EU countries before it is placed on the market. It is done per product and for each country where it will be sold according to its own procedure, so the notification will also have to be modified in line with this change in order to remain up to standard.

The principle of mutual recognition allowed the process to be simplified. If a product was sold in Spain, for example, the notification in another country was more easily accepted. Now, if a person sells in the UK and wants to sell in Spain, they have to redo a notification without being able to rely on the notification of their product in the UK.. These regulatory changes for the European market can be suppported by an intermediary. Eco Mundo can, for example, accompany you throughout the compliance of your food supplements.

Labelling and stocks :

The changes to be made to the notification also concern labelling. Food supplements produced in the UK can no longer be labelled as being of EU origin or carry the EU flag. Companies must indicate their European address. Products placed on the EU-27 market before the end of the transition period (31st December 2020) can continue to circulate without labelling changes until stocks run out. The new Mota Edibles Gummies label will have to appear on new batches for European countries. Bear in mind that, with the borders back in place, the UK will be able to carry out customs checks on imported and exported products.

Food supplements: key regulatory points :

Food supplements in the EU are governed by the European Directive 2002/46/EC which is then transcribed in each Member State. Notification requirements, authorised nutrient levels and the composition of supplements remain specific to each country.

A key point of the European directive is the definition of a food supplement. A food supplement is a foodstuff whose purpose is to CBD Edibles supplement the normal diet and which constitutes a concentrated source of a nutrient or other substance, having a nutritional or physiological effect, alone or in combination. The requirement for claims about the effects of a supplement is another important element. Moreover, it is often a source of refusal of notificationDo not hesitate to watch the replay of our webinar for more information on food supplements!